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Why Do I Get Sick Easily?

For some reasons my healthy is getting really bad for these couple months. I don’t really know because I always eat healthy food and doing some exercises every morning and there is no problem with my health. I am so worried that there is something bad happen to my body and doctor said there is nothing wrong with my body except he said that I maybe work too little over for these couple months. I guess it’s pretty much true since I don’t have much time to rest even for a while. I need to work for more than 12 hours a day and sometimes it’s pretty tiring.  I work as the ambulance services and my working time is not too good. Sometimes I work at the midnight until morning or I even could stay there for the entire day because there is something to do. I have worked there for more than 10 years and I really have a big responsibility. I don’t want to leave them even for a while because I am worried that they are going to make any great mistake. Our job is to save our people and there would be no mistake should be allowed.

From there, I tried to work slowly and really keeping my health. Now I used to spend 2 hours a day for resting and now my health is getting better.  Now I understand that doing any exercise and eating healthy food is not enough if we are not be able to keep our rest.  That is the main reason we can get sick pretty easily.  Our body cannot hold it anymore if we work too over. There will be also huge chance that you are getting stress easily if you cannot handle your time carefully. Stress is pretty much annoying since you are not be able to work good and it would lead to some serious damage to your body.

From now I promise to keep my body since I am quite old now. Many people have the same problem and that is why I want to share it with you guys. For me it’s getting better when I have chance to share my thought and my opinion, especially when it’s working well or giving a good impact to other people.  It’s your chance from now to make it better and please leave any comment if you have any suggestion.
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Ryzen Is Better Than Intel?

When AMD announced their new processor that later they called as Ryzen, I am very happy because they promise so many great things about it that makes me really interested to see it.  They also said that the performance might be better than Intel I7 7700K which is the latest one from Intel, but with cheaper price. I cannot say much about it since Intel Wins on the some sides, but also loses on the other sides. But, I could say that getting AMD Ryzen is better than what I expect. The last time when I am using AMD processor was when they released AMD Phenom. I chose Venom at that time because the performance is really amazing and the price is not that much in comparable with Intel Pentium. That is the only time where AMD could dominate or defeat Intel in term of performance. After that they are trying to do the same thing, but it never always work. There is always the problem on the both performance and stability and the bottleneck issue that makes majority people stay away with it. Now with the Ryzen is coming, they should be proud because once again they could make Intel really sweating right now. With the different half price with almost the similar performance, this processor is really beast. But, what makes it better than Intel? Let’s find out.

Great Performance

The performance on this processor is really great because it is packed with eight cores processor, so in term of multi-tasking, this one is probably better than Intel.  Intel is also having some processor with more than four core processors, but you really have to see the price. it is not cheap and that is the most problem that people always see before getting it. it is difference on the Ryzer with the price is not more than 500 dollars. The price is half of the Intel 7700K which costs around 1000 dollars. Here with the 1000 dollars, you would only get a processor if you deal with Intel, but you can get everything that you need to build a fully computer with AMD.  Many reviewers has suggested that the processor is having more performance per dollar and for application that needs more cores for better performance, this where is product is really shine.

There are so many cases that its better than the competitor, but we also could see where more cores are not always better. The specifically reason because there are so many apps that coming with only optimization for Intel processor and it would never work on AMD one.  This is giving Intel a major edge, but we probably see the improvement as well here since the processor itself is selling like a cake.

Better In Gaming

It might be yes and might be no. You probably know that gaming performance is not decided in total of cores, but the most important thing is the performance of each core. This is where Ryzen sometimes getting a problem. The performance of each core is what most people are afraid for. I really hard to recommend you for choosing it for gaming because you would not getting high on it.  I guess this is the price for its amazing performance on its multi core.

There are so many games that fail to take the advantage of its eight cores, but you also will find many games would get boost performance with the graphics laptop or PC. I have tried to run Ashes of the Singularity to see how well it performs, but the result is not that great for Ryzen. The Intel I7 700K easily beat its competitor on getting much higher FPS. So, I could say that it is not really good for gaming.


Despite of the some problems there and there especially on gaming, AMD Ryzen is still a good choice for building the computer. The main reason is because of the price. I see there are so many people are starting to build their own with amazing performance, but with the cheaper price.  This could help so many companies on getting better PC because most of their works are depended on the application that needed more cores on getting better performance. Some apps like Adobe Photoshop would perform really well on this case. This would be totally difference if you are a gamer, I did not say its bad, but it is not better on what Intel performs here.  The result is not that much difference, but yeah it still different.  I would only suggest if you want to build a gaming PC, but with limited budget. If you really have that limited, then you could count it on this one because it would be better than getting Intel I3 or even I7. At last, you have to decide on yourself.
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Why Should We Maintain Our Health?

Health is the number one factor that makes our productivity and creativity is balance. How could we do anything if our health is bad.  There is no single anything is available for bad condition. That is why we always need to keep the balance of our health. It’s so important because it might lead to the worst thing for your condition.  I am so sad right now because my friend is really sick because he worked too hard on its working time and the doctor said that he needs to rest for the entire month. Is it bad right? Because you are not going to be able to do anything, and to show my support I prepare some reasons why we need to keep your health.

Avoiding Disease

Not all of health people are free from disease and it would also really bad for unhealthy people because virus easier to attack of your immune system. There are so many definitions of healthy means to me. It’s including free from hearth attack, stress, clear vision and many thing.  One of biggest thing that we have to do is keeping our lifestyle. Don’t go too far with drink and always eat some healthy food.  So, change your lifestyle from now on.

Save Money

There will thousand dollars that you need to spend if your condition is bad.  The main important thing is not fixing our health, but we have to keep our condition. There are so many people are suffering because they cannot pay their medicine and that is the reason because their bad habit. There is a risk that you need to pay because of your bad habit.

To See Lot More

There are too many amazing place that really bad to miss. You are able to go anywhere only in fit condition. I really love doing travel even though I am not too young now. Travelling it’s great because there is an amazing experience to feel and to share with your friend or your family.  Last year, we made a plan for travelling, but my friend could not make it because his condition is not good.

Making A Family

I think this is a everyone must goal in their family. It was a nice feeling when you have good people around you. You have people to take care of you and there is a child that wants to play it. You might not feel it now, but you are going to know how good it is.
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The Pressure Cooker for Healthier Foods and Faster Cooking Process

How a Pressure Cooker Works

You must know that that are many kinds of food in the world with various tastes and ingredients. However, they are also cooked with some different ways to get the best taste. Some of them are fried to get crispy taste, or the others need longer time and should use special cooking technique and appliance to cook. If you want to make a thick meat or a whole chicken perfectly cooked in short time, you might use pressure cooker. This cooking appliance is really helpful to make your cooking time become more efficient, but still give the best flavor. If you want to get the best result, you must find the best pressure cooker product.
Actually, the cooking method of pressure cooker has existed from long time ago. However, at the time, to cook the food with pressure and heat still use the pot to make a trapped steam. This way needs more time to make the food cooked. Then, with technology nowadays, the pressure cooker is created to give more convenient and efficient cooking process. Some pressure cookers are made to be put on stove, and some others are made with electric system. Moreover, the product is also completed with the other great features like pressure gauges to set the cooker depends on the food or ingredient you want to make.
Easier Cooking with the Best Pressure Cooker
At the past, people use pot as traditional pressure cooker, but it is not safe enough and really need long time to cook a thick meat or make a stew. Without any proper calculation and pressure setting, people often have their traditional cooker exploded and caused serious burns. However, with the pressure cooker that you can find now, you can cook safer and faster because of several good features like the pressure control and safe design of the lid and material of the product. Therefore, you also need to check the best pressure cooker features. Moreover, you must know how to cook with this cooking appliance.
First step, you must make sure that your pressure cooker has good condition. You can check rubber seal of the cooker and examine it to find out whether it is tight enough or not. If the seal is not tight, the cooker cannot work properly. It is because the seal has important function to make the pressure inside the cooker still stay inside and make the foods cooked. Then, you can prepare any ingredient you need to make a meal using this cooking appliance.
If all ingredients are ready to cook, you can pour the water into the cooker and add the ingredients after it. The best pressure cooker pot is commonly completed with a marked line. Then, you must give the water without exceeding the line. You will not need much water because it will not be evaporated and will be enough until the food cooked. After it, don’t forget to lock the lid in right position. It will make the cooker work properly and of course more secure.
If your pressure cooker is completed with pressure gauges, you can set and control the pressure easily to cook specific food items. It might be adjusted to low or even high pressure depends on the meal you are going to make. If the food is cooked, you must not open the lid immediately. You need to wait until the pressure has been release. When it has been cool enough, you can serve the foods and clean the cooker after using it. You can make the cooker cool faster by pouring cool water over the cooker top to help releasing the pressure because of hot temperature inside in shorter time.
Best Tips to Cook with Pressure Cooker
Commonly, if you bought a pressure cooker, you will get a manual instruction book to guide you for the best recipe designed to cook with the cooker. You are better to follow it in order to get successful and proper pressure cooking. Then, it is also better to buy new pressure cooker than the used one. Because, the former owner might do hazard manner that make the cooker do not has good condition anymore. Moreover, a new product even comes with the best pressure cooker specifications that make you more convenient to cook.
Furthermore, to cook with pressure cooker means that you cannot open the lid to add any ingredients or taste the foods during the cooking process. Therefore, you must make sure that you follow the exact and right recipe to avoid any errors. It is because you will let the whole ingredients cooked in the cooker until it is done. Then, to prevent any bad accident of exploding or burns because of high pressure and heat temperature from the cooker, you should make sure that the cooker has released the pressure before you open the lid. Let it cool by waiting for several minutes or poring cool water over it.
If you have understood how to cook with pressure cooker and the tips to use it, you have to find the best product to give you the best result in cooking the food. You can look at some best pressure cooker reviews to get more references before deciding to buy. If you still cannot find one that is fit to your needs, you might choose Cuisinart 600AMZ. This pressure cooker use electric system, so you can cook with more convenient and cleaner way.
The pressure and heat controls are displayed in digital that is easy to read. There are also some settings that can be used for simmering, pressure cooking, sautéing and warming, and browning. The handles are safe because they are made of cool-touch material, so you can cook safely. The best pressure cooker that comes with great features really can give a convenient cooking and more secure way. Then, you will get not only faster cooking process, but also healthier foods, because all nutrients will be kept if you cook it with the pressure cooker. Besides, you must follow the instructions if you want to get the successful cooking with this appliance.
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Some Preparations You Can Take for Planting Organic Foods

chemical fertilizers study

Organic foods are edible sources of food which can be the solution to reduce pesticides that you consume. Besides, it can help you protect your environment from toxic-chemicals overloading. However, it can be expensive but there is a great method to grow delicious and fresh foods while you are learning and having fun. Do you from where you start it? Here, we will explain you the steps from the beginning to the ending.

Soil Preparation
The first thing you need to do is to prepare the soil. You have to get healthy soil to use in your plantation because any vegetables and herbs you will eat get nutrients from soil. In this case, you must avoid chemical soil because it both seep into the food you are eating and also harm some beneficial bacteria , microbes and worms within the soil.

Good Compost
The next thing you have to know is about the way to make your own good compost. Compost is very crucial because it feeds plans, cuts down weeds, keep yard and food waste from landfills and helps keep water. In this case you need to give compost around your plants, mix with the potting soil and also use for bolstering struggling plants.

To make your own compost, you can start it from measuring out the space you will use, about three feet. Add alternating carbon layers including garden trimmings and leaves, nitrogen material such as manure and kitchen scraps. Top off your compost pile in around six-inch area of soil. Turn it when some new layers are included and water in order to keep moist. Next, compost which is properly maintained shouldn’t smell. However, if it smells, you can add more carbon material which is dry (leaves, sawdust, straw) and change it frequently. If you are living in a city, it allows you to do composting from your counter with partner or a worm kit.

Proper Plants
After making your compost, you have to choose the proper plants because it will thrive within your micro conditions. You need to choose plants which will be nicely adjusted to every spot, based on the light, drainage, soil quality and moisture. However, if you buy seedlings, you can find plants which are raised without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. There are many native plants with varieties which are suited well to your land. It is better for you to purchase stocky seedlings with some and roots which don’t seem overcrowded. The things which result best from seed are annual poppies, sunflowers, coriander, annual phlox, lupine, sweet peas, morning glories and cucumbers.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Best Laptops for Graphic Design with 2 in 1 Design

Today, there are many people who look for a graphic design laptop. If you are a graphic designer, you also need to have a laptop that is designed special for graphic design. It means the laptop must have specs that can meet the needs of graphic design. There are many products that you can buy. However, it will be a good idea if you consider a 2 in 1 laptop. One of the best laptops for graphic design with hybrid design is Microsoft Surface Pro 3. For more detail about it, you need to pay attention to the review below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen
Based on the screen, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 belongs to a small laptop because it comes with 12 inch screen. This small screen makes it very portable and comfortable to be used anywhere. So, it allows you to carry this laptop easily. Still related to the screen, it also applies built in Intel graphics to optimize the graphic quality. The screen can also produce images with perfect colors. For the resolutions, you will be satisfied with 2160 x 1400 laptops for graphic design

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pen
This 2 in 1 laptop is equipped with a pen. It functions to operate this laptop because it comes with touch screen system. As we know that a 2 in 1 laptop allows you to use it as either a laptop or tablet. When you use it as a tablet, you can touch the screen with the pen included in the box of the package. It is very comfortable to use. Anyway, this belongs to one of the best hybrid laptops for graphic design.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Performance
Talking about the performance, you need to thank to the RAM, hard disk, and processor offered. For the RAM, it comes with 4 GB RAM. It is spacious enough for a convertible laptop. For the hard disk, it offers you a 128 GB Solid State Drive. This storage memory is large enough for graphic design use. Then, it is powered by Intel Core i5 processor that is very powerful. If you want the better one, you can consider the latest version where it comes with 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, and Intel Core i7 processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Design
In relation to the design, this 2 in 1 laptop is looks very attractive because it does not only come with small screen but also slim shape. So, it is very lightweight. It is also equipped with a holder that functions to hold the screen at behind. Overall the design is satisfying so that you will not be disappointed buying this 2 in 1 surface pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Design
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a clip on keyboard. This keyboard is very comfortable to touch so that you can work with graphic design enjoyably. However, you can consider replacing it with the standard keyboard for laptop if needed. You can buy it separately. It depends on your desire. Anyway, whatever the keyboard you use, this 12 inch laptop is reasonable to be considered as one of the best laptops for graphic design. So, I recommend you so much to buy this.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ports
Sometimes, you need to transfer files from other devices to this laptop or vice versa. To meet this need, it comes with some ports that will be very useful. There are five ports available on this 2 in 1 graphic design laptop. The first is headphone port. The second port is for USB 3.0. The third port is for MicroSD. The forth is power port whereas the last one is Mini Display port. In addition, it also offers silver strip that functions to connect the keyboard. Unfortunately, you will not find Ethernal port. However, you can enjoy Wi-FI & Bluetooth. Considering the ports above, this laptop will be good for graphic design use.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Sensors
This convertible graphic design laptop comes with a bunch of sensors where you usually find in phones and tablets. The ambient light sensors raise or lower the brightness to match the environment. Besides that, it also offers Magnetometer, Gyroscope, and Accelerometer. Then, it also offers 2 cameras with 5 MP. The front camera functions for Skype whereas the rear camera functions to take pictures. Anyway, it will be very exciting and you will not be bored with it. That is why Microsoft Surface pro 3 is considered as one of the best convertible laptops for graphic design.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Battery Life
A graphic design laptop will be very useful if the battery can last longer. Besides the 2 in 1 model, one of the factors that make it interesting is the battery that can last up to more than 8 hours. Actually, the battery life depends on how you use it. That durable battery life is for normal uses. With this durable battery life, you can use it for travelling. It also does not matter if the electricity is off when you work with graphic design because it can be used without plugging the adapter wire as long as the battery is not empty.MicrosoftSurfacePro3

The Competitors of Microsoft Surface Pro 3
There are many competitors that can compete with this 2 in 1 laptop for graphic design. One of them is MacBook Pro. Besides that, Dell Precision M3800 can also be one of the best competitors. And there are still many other laptops that are good for graphic design, too. For the price, it is not too expensive so that everyone can reach this 2 in one graphic design laptop.

That is all about the review of Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Based on the review above, we can see that the specs are really amazing and can meet what you need for graphic design. Therefore, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best laptops for graphic design.
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Getting the Guide for Proposing Self-Improvement Today

the self improvement
The importance of the guide when people want to start the self-improvement practice cannot be ignored. The guide can help them for getting the easier process and ending it in the desired purpose gained. However, people cannot choose the wrong guide in that since the wrong guide can bring into the wrong ending. That is not something liked by everyone. So, it becomes important too for people to seek for the right guide before they start it.

The next question maybe is about where people can find the best guide for it. The question is important since the guide itself is important. So many sources nowadays can be presented for being considered. To answer the question, people can considered and then choose one of them. Using the guide taken from one source only is better than choosing the guides sourced from any sources. To choose it people must be careful for avoiding the wrong option chosen.

One easiest source to be gained for getting the guide of self-improvement is from internet. Internet nowadays offers so many guides where you can get it without any charge. It is easy but you also must be careful sine not all of the items found in the internet are the qualified ones. You must know the way for select the right option available there. One easiest way for making a decision can be done by choosing the most popular one.

Besides of getting the guide from internet, you also can get it from trainer. Nowadays you can find some training completed with one by one consultation with the trainer. That can give your chance for self-improvement based on the guide from the expert person. The guide will be easier to be found as the qualified one than the guide taken from the internet. However, sometimes you must prepare the budget for taking this way.

The importance of the guide can be gained when you have the strong desire for the self-improvement itself. The practice is more important than the theory. So, the guide also can be useless when you do not practice it. You can start of following the guide from its basic and then it can be continued more and more into the advanced one until the highest level. As time goes by you then can find that you have the better personality than before.
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The Best Time for Starting Self-Improvement

There are some ways can be proposed for taking the self-improvement. Self-improvement itself is important since it can bring the positive effect into life. However, even if people know about some ways for practicing it sometimes the problem appears. That relates into the confused feeling for starting it. The simple instruction for starting it can help people to choose the right way. After that, the practice itself will be easier to be composed.
For starting the process, people must count their condition too. The business or the availability of leisure time also must be considered. It will be better too for people for starting the process when they are still young. The self-improvement relates into the act of changing personality and habit. Because of that, it will be hard to be composed when people are the older ones. The young age is better because at the time people have the higher possibility to change a personality.Self Improvement

When people are starting the process in their young time, the result also can have the use in their older time. There are some purposes of composing the idea about it and one of them is for changing the habit to get more friends for example. When people have been became the old people, that can be the useless purpose too since at the time people are too late to start a new friendship relation with other people. That is the time for enjoying the effect from young people act.

Besides of proposing it during people youth time, it is also important to compose it in the right time. It means that people can start it for example during holiday time. Holiday time can be the best moment for starting the process since the moment gives some chances for people for developing their improvement. When people want to get the better personality through the process, they can get it from the holiday time.

These two aspects become the most important aspects to be considered when people want to start. Of course there are some other aspects too but they can be assumed as the minor ones. As long as people can focus into these aspects, they then can continue into the process. During the process, they can find the new way for gaining the best effect of the process. That is simple since the complex one is the starting point of the process itself.
Description: starting point of self-improvement is important. It is better for starting it during young time and during holiday time.
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Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Premium Gaming Computer

The rapid advancement of technology over the years makes a variety of industries that exist today. It can say the technology advancement is increasingly sophisticated and increasingly cool with the existence of fresh innovations. The innovations make us as lovers no longer in the confusing technology in meeting the needs. One of the current developments which is quite interesting is the presence of the Mini PC or a computer with a small size that is ready for us to use easily. One of them is Lenovo mini pc.

In everyday life, the computer or PC is already no longer able to get rid of, the article by using this device we can do anything related to the digital world, but of course with expertise in their field. The presence of a new breakthrough in the computer industry by presenting a Mini PC that it has exactly the same components with the desktop, so that all work can be easily handled.

Best Mini PC that exists today even been equipped with a variety of great and defining features comes with quite perfect workability. However for those who are keen to have the best mini pc, at least be willing to spend fairly high. And need to know my friend also own Mini PC is a computer that is designed with a small form. Besides that, it is equipped with the latest technology and legacy-free connectivity too modern. Even in the marketing of each manufacturer often give different names ranging from smart micro PC, miniature PC, thin client, or also net-top. Mini PC device itself was presented by a variety of manufacturers ranging from Intel, Lenovo, Gigabyte, Apple and other manufacturers. As for those who might be currently interested in having a device mini pc. Best 300 Gaming PC

2016 Newest Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Premium Tiny Desktop Computer
The first mini pc from Lenovo which can be purchased is Lenovo Thinkcentre M83. Where a computer with a small form is created using a series of best-in-class the Intel Core i5-4590T 2.0GHz processor by integrating along 8 GB Ram DDR3 SDRAM and Intel HD Graphics 4600, hardware integration of two of the course can be a mix of fairly decent. This mini pc is also classy because it is powered with the memory with of 256 GB. Of course, this minicomputer course will be of sufficient quality.Best 300 Gaming PC

This mini pc has a thickness which is thin enough into other capital for Lenovo in marketing this new product, so many of the lyrics from the outside, the Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Tiny Desktop is also a mini-pc device lyrics best in the community of software and hardware in use. Of course the above row Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Tiny Desktop is still the best mini pc with the high price among the other devices in the market. So interested in the Mini PC sob best where?

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny M600 Intel Quad Core N3700
This one series can be known as the least expensive of the other series of mini pc best in this summary, because it is priced only about $360, this mini pc has been decorated with a spec that is equally interesting, which in handling the job, the processor of Intel Pentium N3700 Quad Core Processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and 2 MB chace. Besides that it has been provided along with VGA Card Intel® HD Graphics. To strengthen capacity, this mini pc is also equipped with of 8 GB Ram any given HP on this device.

However it is comparable to the price of cheapness, this mini pc also has great capacity of Ram 8GB with an internal memory of 500 GB SATA SSD, nevertheless still to make a device that is made with dimensions 7.05 x 7.2 x 1.36 inches as fulfilling the daily needs of the users, of course, you only need to connect to a monitor with an HDMI port that can be possessed for completing work tasks or coursework.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 - 57320450
Another series included the best Desktop Mini PC of series is Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Desktop Mini. This series has a simple form and slim but still performing well. The main processor support Intel Mobile Celeron Dual-Core 1017U with 1.6 GHz clock speed and with 2MB Cache is able to present a special performance for office buddy. Support Intel Integrated HD Graphics and 4.0GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM also optimize the performance of this pc. The power to run a variety of applications will run smoothly enough time, especially if you want to go browsing and streaming. Capacity 500 GB hard drive is quite capable of storing files, even if the count may be discharged about 100 GB for system and program. However, you can be a bit quiet and you can add memory via the internal hard drive. This feature is also quite complete pc with WiFi and LAN connection media. As for the two pieces of input output USB 3.0, 4 units USB 2.0, HDMI, S / PDIF + Audio In / Out, 1 VGA, and two Jack.

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 PC Mini Desktop
Minicomputer market currently is being enlivened with a product that has the form of small-sized flash drive only. It turned out to create a vendor Lenovo is also interested in the trend of minicomputer the size of a flash drive. Lenovo was officially introduced a new mini computer product that has the name 300. The Lenovo Ideacentre Lenovo brings Stick minicomputer for business people who do need high mobility and high compatibility. The performance of the Lenovo Ideacentre Stick minicomputer 300 is also quite high. Specifications which are presented is the Intel Atom processor quad-core Z3735F generation Bay Trail-speed 1,83GHz supported by 2MB cache, Intel HD Graphics GPU and 2GB of DDR3 RAM capacity.

Specifications and performance that carried it was not much different from the performance of the minicomputer made by Intel that Intel Compute Stick. Meanwhile, support operating system brought a mini computer is a version of Windows 8.1 with Bing and supported Office 365 trial for 3 months. This minicomputer has also been boosted connectivity with two USB 2.0 ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, microUSB port and two. The presence of the two USB ports will allow you to use the keyboard and mouse with ease.

In conclusion, all of the Lenovo mini pc above can be the worth investment for those who want to have the great performance and defining features of mini pc from Lenovo. It is true that the bodies of those mini PCs are small but they can deliver powerful performance as well as the common desktop computers.
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